Die mold construction and sale

Die molds — are the special devices used for production of three-dimensional half-finished products of different materials (aluminum, plastics). The main die mold customers are the companies producing household and measuring equipment as well as the manufacturers of containers, packing and other plastic and aluminum products.

Die mold construction is a complex production process. Each die mold construction stage is strictly monitored, thereby the output is a quality product. ISO-9001 certificates confirm the high quality of our die molds.

The main stages of die mold construction
Manufacturing of all die mold types - PET die molds, die molds for casting by the lost-wax process (LWP) and others - includes 3 stages.

Stage 1 Design-engineering process preparation.

At this stage of die mold construction a three-dimensional model of the future die mold is developed using the professional program. The die molds are designed by the specialists who work at our company directly that significantly reduce die mold design and manufacture periods.

Stage 2 Die mould construction is the main production stage.

It is important to not only to manufacture standard parts and various design elements, but to collect them correctly. The CYBERTECH Company has experience in manufacturing of die molds of high degrees of complexity and of all sizes. We accumulated a vast experience in manufacturing of die molds for packaging and thin-walled products.

Stage 3 Refinement and testing.

The final stage of die mold production takes minimum period of time, if the first two stages were successful. Here is the key point of mechanical and thermal processing (otherwise, die mold cleaning) composed of three stages.

Injection molds

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Injection molds are produced using the most common method of plastic treatment - injection casting. The complexity of this method directly affects the cost of die molds. However, the cost of batch components produced by injection molds, is relatively low. Therefore, the price of molds for casting by the lost-wax process (LWP) is completely justified.

CYBERTECH offers manufacturing of combination die molds of two types:
Injection molds for polymeric materials - cold runners, hot runner, for two-component molding;
Injection molds for aluminum alloys.

PET molds
The PET mold is a special half-finished product required for production of plastic packaging. It is PET mold which provide implementation of blow molding method used for production of plastic packaging at the special plants. Injection dies for PET comprises various types. Their classification is based on three parameters:

- Weight (determines the amount of future capacity);
- Configuration (universal, thick-walled, shortened);
- Consumption of PET dies (carbonated drinks, water, etc.)

Cybertech provides a full guarantee for die molds for casting and all other types of products (technical support, die mold repair, service maintenance). You can order the molds using the special on-line ordering form. on-line.

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