Principal and Strategy

EV095The main priorities for our company are



Cybertech is certified according to ISO -9002. The products are certified according to UL electrical safety and JIS quality standards (Japan).


We stake on development of our maintenance department eliminating the possibility to involve outside organizations. All service engineers are trained in Taiwan. Even though we are a Taiwanese company, all of our specialists working in Russia are the Russians. There are no language and cultural barriers for us. Our experts have the specific knowledge of Russian production with experience of advanced production of Taiwan. Warranty of all equipment that we supply is 2 years.


Cybertech produces a wide range of automatic molding machines with clamping forces 80 to 3600 ton and injection volume 92 to 54 000 cm3. The series of special machines includes automatic molding machines for multicolor molding, thermoset molding, precision, thin-walled and miniature molding as well as glass-filled polymer molding.

Integrated approach

In addition to automatic molding machines we supply production tooling, molds, all necessary auxiliary machinery (including metalworking equipment for repair of molds) as well as raw basic materials for production. We design and manufacture the molds of any complexity, including die molds for aluminum casting.


We enter the Russian market after our main competitors, but developed a solid reputation quickly. Neither of several hundred sold automatic molding machines sold requires major repairs. Our working activity in Russia does not contain any case when the customers select us once and then come to other suppliers of equipment and accessories.

Cybertech LTD.

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